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The Similarities of Gardening and Cycling

Cyclist Round Cycling Mountain Bike

Both gardening and cycling have benefits for the physical and mental health. Their advantages are even similar. Check them out below.


goodbye-stressAccording to a Dutch study, gardening for 30 minutes is a much better activity to improve one’s mood compared to reading. Gardeners have lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels compared to the readers in the study. This only shows that gardening activities such as composting, raking leaves, planting, and harvesting can relieve you of stress.

Likewise, regular cycling can also reduce stress and anxiety. It can even help prevent depression. Cycling is a form of exercise, which makes it an effective way to get rid of the negative feelings.

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Low-Impact Exercise

Both gardening and cycling are also considered low-impact workouts. Cycling is a healthy exercise that causes less strain and injuries compared to other forms of exercise. This means anyone of all ages can enjoy cycling. It’s fun, cheap, and beneficial for the environment too!

Gardening is also a low-impact exercise. The activities involved (such as twisting, bending, lifting, and stretching) are already great exercises that make the small muscles work.



Cycling is also an excellent way to decrease air pollution. By riding a bike instead of driving your car, you reduce the harmful fumes that reach the planet’s atmosphere. Opting to cycle is an eco-friendly activity that can aid the earth and also our health.

Gardening is eco-friendly as well. Growing your food the eco-friendly way can lessen your carbon footprint and make the world a better place.

Good for the heart

Cyclist Round Cycling Mountain BikeLastly, gardening and cycling are beneficial for one’s heart. According to a recent study which spent five years looking at the activity of 1,500 individuals, those who cycle daily have 31% less chance to develop high blood pressure. One more reason to grab your bike and hit the road!

Likewise, gardening is also good for your heart. A Stockholm study found that regular gardening decreases heart and stroke attack risk by up to 30% for those who are 60 years old and above. That’s because gardening combats a sedentary lifestyle. It makes you stretch even just for half an hour a day.

So, if you want to stay healthy in mind and body, you better start gardening or cycling (or both)!

TIG Welding Tips For Welding Bike Frames


Get your 110v welder ready and let’s begin welding bicycle frames! Whether or not you’ll be participating in a cycling competition or not, it would be so cool to weld your very own bicycle frame and design it!

For this project, you’ll need to know about Tungsten Inert Gas or TIG welding. Read the following tips to be able to weld bike frames easily:

Tip #1: Prepare Everything

It’s important to spend a lot of time preparing the materials. The pieces of the structure should be cut, angled, curved perfectly so that they fit together without any gap. TIG welding also demands the metal be sanded and cleaned with alcohol. You should get the accurate fit for your metal workpieces so that you won’t have a problem later on.

Tip #2: Design the frame


Don’t ever skip this part! You should first create a blueprint or design to guide you. This will help you know where all parts should be, what tubes are needed, how they should be joined, and what the miter angles and lengths will be. Designing the bike frame will also help you measure the hole-saw diameters.

It’s essential that you know how to design the frame first. If you don’t, you should probably consider reading more about TIG welding or attending a TIG welding class.

Tip #3: Practice proper hand position


To make a steady TIG weld, you’ll need to get used to the correct positioning of your hands while you work. Mind you; TIG welding bicycle frames isn’t just about planning and clamping metal pieces. You’ll need to keep the arc steady and concentrated on the weld joint while adding wire consistently. Your one hand should be as still as it could be, making only teeny-weeny movements, and the other hand should be engaged in a relatively steady motion with the wire. Seriously, you need a lot of practice to pull this off. But don’t worry, you’ll get it!

Tip #4: Working with aluminum

Most bicycle frames are made of aluminum so that they’re light. One thing you need to know is how much filler you’ll be needing. Well, you’ll need a bunch.

Tip #5: Control the heat

You should be aware that your TIG welding pedal is so crucial for this project. If you didn’t know yet, you’d be dealing with thin metal and joints. While some metals need to be cold, others need to be pre-heated. So you should know how much you’re pressing the TIG welding pedal down. Excessive heat will blow a hole in your weld, and little heat will give you a cold weld that has poor fusion. Bear in mind that the filler metal should be concentrated into the welding joint for the metals to join together effectively.

To get better fusion, keep the tungsten focused on the weld joint’s heat affected zone. Again, this will need a lot of practice for you to be precise.

Tip #6: Double the weld


Want to produce a stronger weld? Double up your weld! Doing so will only be possible if you were able to stack your welds correctly. If you’re a beginner TIG welder, then you’ll need more and more practice for this. Don’t worry; all your hard work will pay off once you see your bike frame stronger than you expect it to be. Plus, it’s an excellent way to make the most out of your welds.

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The Two Similarities of Riding a Bike and Pool Cleaning


Improved Mental Health


Cycling is an excellent way to exercise the mind. You get to rejuvenate your mind as you go from one part of town to another, you get to refresh when you see the beauty of nature while you consider your safety. Riders can get rid of stress too. Cycling can fight mental illnesses such as depression because it can boost happiness levels and allow cyclists to sleep better. Regular cycling can help people get their circadian rhythm in sync.

Biking also improves memory. You can maintain a sharp mind when you bike since it can help build new brain cells in the hippocampus, which is in charge of our memory skills.

Pool cleaning is also a stress reliever. Seeing that the dirt in your pool is removed can relax you and decrease your chances of getting irritated. Pool cleaning also keeps your mind sharp, whether you’re using a robotic cleaner or a pressure pool cleaner from Pool cleaning has been proven to ease anxiety and benefit one’s state of mind. The activity also encourages more swimming time. And we all know that swimming is an excellent mental workout. Not only can it reduce stress, but it can also sharpen memory, improve mood, enhance cognitive function, and boost creativity.

Stronger Physical Body

pool-cleaningThe other similarity of pool cleaning and riding a bike is the ability to give you a stronger physical body.

Pool cleaning requires you to move around, especially if you’re not using an automatic pool cleaner. You have to walk around the bool when using a skimmer; you have to carry your suction pool cleaner into the pool to get it moving, you have to maintain your cleaner, etc. These activities can help strengthen your heart, muscles, and bones.

Of course, the same goes for cycling. It’s a cardiovascular exercise that has been proven to improve one’s physical strength. You’ll have better endurance, a stronger heart, toned muscles, and stronger bones. Riding your bike can also improve your posture, coordination, joint mobility, muscle flexibility, and blood circulation. It can also help you get rid of unwanted fats, making you healthier. Cycling can even help you avoid getting sick.

What are you waiting for? Clean your pool or cycle now to get these fantastic benefits!

The Coffee Guide for Cyclists

About to tour around the city or countryside with your bike? Check out these coffee tips first!

Coffee and Cyclists

cyclistYou may already know that coffee is excellent for cyclists because it keeps them alert and awake. This drink can even enhance your cycling performance! Studies reveal that drinking coffee can help improve training capabilities. According to the British Coffee Association, caffeine (which is the main ingredient of coffee) is a mild central nervous system stimulate the causes the release of adrenaline. And we all know we need adrenaline for energy. Coffee, therefore, is the ideal drink for those who are into endurance sports.

What to Drink and When to Drink It


According to Evan Lawrence, a competitive cyclist, drinking a double espresso coffee drink is perfect before riding. The two shots of espresso can boost the body, supplying enough energy for the ride. If you don’t have an espresso machine yet, then get one from Coffee-Channel. Remember, brewing espresso the right way should be your priority. Don’t think about adding milk to your coffee before you ride; it will only have a terrible effect on your tummy. Stay safe by staying away from dairy before you cycle.

If you’re going to take a break in the middle of your tour, then opt for an Americano with a little bit of sugar and a splash of skimmed milk. Again, don’t add too much milk. This drink will elevate your energy levels without causing any gastric issues from too much heavy liquid.

Finally, after your ride, drink coffee again. This time, opt for milk for recovery. It’s best to drink a café latte or coffee mocha during this time. Use full-fat milk; it has extra calories to help you recover your strength. You’ll also be able to receive essential calcium, fat, and protein.

Coffee Bean

coffee-beansIf you know you have a sensitive stomach, especially when you’re doing sports, then choose coffee beans with low acidity levels.

And that’s it! Happy drinking and cycling!

Two-Wheeling In Europe Like You’re Just Playing CS:GO


Let’s face it.

If there’s one continent that you should make a point to go at least once every five years, it would be Europe. Not only does it offer you a chance to enjoy see-worthy places to go where you can simply take for a much-needed breather from your hectic schedule especially at work, but also experience-worthy things to do which you can simply make for a changer from your frantic schedule even at home.

Let’s also face it.

If there’s one system that you should make a point to do at least once every five days, it would be two-wheeling. Not only does it give you a chance to enjoy see-worthy places to go where you can simply take for a much-needed booster from your hectic schedule especially at work, but also experience-worthy things to do which you can simply make for a lifter from your frantic schedule even at home.

Those being said, it’s only right for you to be two-wheeling in Europe like you’re just playing CS:GO.

Why like you’re just playing CS:GO, you might ask?

You see and contrary to what some people think about games like CS:GO, playing it all day long is not just about entirely sitting on a chair and clicking on that mouse of yours relentlessly. It’s also about seeing places in a different perspective within the game as you target on an opponent precisely as you envisioned it to be upon winning a round – just like what you’ll be able to envision for yourself and in your own mind as you see all those places to go in Europe while two-wheeling.

Because indeed, it’s only right for you to be two-wheeling in Europe like you’re just playing CS:GO.

You also see and contrary to what other people think about games like CS:GO, playing it all day long is not just about entirely staring on a monitor and pressing on that keyboard of yours relentlessly. It’s also about experiencing things in a new way within the game as you shoot on an opponent flexibly as you envisioned it to be upon winning a round – just like what you’ll be able to envision for yourself an in your own heart as you experience all those things to do in Europe while two-wheeling.

Because indeed, it’s only right for you to be two-wheeling in Europe like you’re just playing CS:GO.

Have you ever tried two-wheeling in Europe like you’re just playing CS:GO? Share with us how it went for you in the comments section below!

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What It’s Like To Roam Around Europe On Bicycles


If there’s one mode of transportation that people should consider to go on more often than usual, it would be riding bicycles.

You see and especially if you’re planning to roam around Europe – where the richest of history is located and where the most vibrant of cultures is observed – riding bicycles will prove to be more than just a great way for you to keep yourself physically healthy even if you’re on the road most of the time and probably tired more than usual upon getting back in your place to stay. Because thanks to Mother Nature’s very own warm sun that shines down much-needed vitamins all over your body for you to get through the day without getting tired that easily, it also allows you to truly appreciate all those things you’ve only seen from others’ pictures before.

And if there’s one mode of transportation that people should consider to go on more often than usual, it would still be riding bicycles – especially with a Civia Hyland bike.

You also see and even if you’ve already finished roaming around Europe – where the friendliest of people are located and where the most astonishing landmarks are observed – riding bicycles will prove to be more than just a great way for you to keep yourself mentally fit especially if you’re on the road most of the time and probably pained more than usual upon getting back in your place to stay. And thanks to Mother Nature’s very own cool air that blows up much-needed minerals all over your face for you to get through the day without getting pained that easily, it also allows you to truly appreciate all those things you’ve only experienced from others’ stories before.

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5 Handy Apps for Bicycle Touring in Europe

Mount Kofel bicycling tour

Exploring European cities and countryside on two wheels is an experience for the bucket list. From touring around some of Europe’s most bike-friendly cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen to Austria and Croatia biking tours, here are some of the best apps to help you plan, navigate, and enjoy cycling your way across Europe.

1. Bike Doctor
Highlights: Bike Doctor is bicycle maintenance and repair app to help you keep your bike in top condition while on the road. It features detailed and easy-to-follow instructions to help you fix whatever part of your bike needs repairing at any given time.
Get it from: App Store, Google Play

2. Bike Hub Cycle Journey Planner
Highlights: Bike Hub Cycle Journey Planner helps you plan your rides or tours in the UK. You can use this app to find the fastest or the quieter bicycling routes.
Get it from: App Store, Google Play

3. CampingCard ACSI Campsites
Highlights: This app gives you access to the ACSI database for the thousands of campgrounds across Europe.
Get it from: App Store, Google Play

4. Galileo Offline Maps
Highlights: You can download maps, explore places to go for your cycling tours offline, check directions, and more using this app. This app also features a search tool to look for attractions and other points of interest near your location.
Get it from: App Store, Google Play

5. WarmShowers
Highlights: members can find nearby hosts who are part of a community of bicycling tourists who provide support each other.
Get it from: App Store

5 of the Best Cities in Europe to Explore on a Bicycle

Europe is home to some of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. Many cities have extensive networks of bike paths and lanes as well as bike-sharing schemes that make it easier for everyone to get around on two wheels. With so many places to choose from, here are some of the best cities to visit and explore on a bicycle.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Why go: Amsterdam is famous for its bike culture. It is also renowned for being one of the bike-friendliest cities in the world. A visit to the city would be incomplete without experiencing a bike ride at least once. Bicycling is deeply-rooted in Amsterdam that there are more than 800,000 bicycles in the city. And with its numerous bike paths, it is a great place to go sightseeing on a bike to see the city’s many attractions like its beautiful canals, impressive architecture, museums, waterways, and so much more.

Bruges, Belgium
Why go: With its medieval sights and vibe, Bruges is an enchanting place begging to be explored. Thankfully, the city is highly suited for bike rides that allow you to tour around and see more of its many attractions. Beyond the heart of the city are picturesque countryside and quaint villages that you can easily reach on two wheels.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Gammeltorv Copenhagen Denmark
Why go: To say that Copenhagen is a bike-friendly city would seem like an understatement when you see how bicycling is deeply embedded into the city’s culture. Bicycles outnumber cars and residents get around mostly on their bikes. The city’s cycling paths and lanes stretch to about 350 kilometers making it an idyllic place to discover and enjoy by bike.

Paris, France
Why go: While not as bike-friendly by Copenhagen or Amsterdam standards, Paris is still one of the European cities where you will love to pedal around to see more of its sights. The City of Light has many streets well-suited for biking. You can either go on a self-guided biking tour or join the bike tours many local tour operators offer. From the heart of the city to the countryside, Paris will charm you with its many amazing sights.

Munich, Germany
Englischer Garten Munich
Why go: Munich is one of the most bike-friendly cities in Germany. Its over 200 kilometers of bike paths make it easier and safer for locals and tourists alike to travel around. You can rent a ride suited for a bike tour around the city or a biking adventure at the countryside or more mountainous terrains.

Do’s and Dont’s of Biking in the Countryside

cycling in Provence

cycling in Provence

Cycling in the countryside can be a wonderful adventure or a nightmarish experience. While you cannot predict everything that happens in a bike ride, you can at least take care of the things you can control to ensure that you will have a pleasant and memorable biking adventure in the beautiful countryside.


  • Choose a route appropriate for your biking skill and level of fitness. Pick an easy route if you are a novice or beginner or have not been on a long bike ride for some time.
  • Use an appropriate bike ride noting the type of route and terrain.
  • Conduct a maintenance and safety check before setting out. Make sure that the bicycle is well-maintained and have all the necessary safety equipment.
  • Bring at least the basic repair tools and first aid kit.
  • Check the weather and anticipate sudden changes by bringing a waterproof jacket or appropriate rain gear.
  • Make sure that the bike lights are working.
  • Stay on the bike path or trail and be aware of the traffic not matter how little of it you may find in the countryside.
  • If on a self-guided biking tour, inform a family member or friend about your plans. Provide a detailed itinerary and the time you are expected back.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and other protective gear.
  • Use sunscreen, sunglasses and helmet or hat.
  • Hydrate.
  • Smile and chat with locals and other riders.
  • Lend a hand to other cyclists who may need help repairing a broken bike part.
  • Lock your bike if you have to leave it for a while to eat or other reasons.
  • Be friendly but keep your guard up. Be wary of scams.
  • Cruise along at your own pace. Enjoy the scenery and the feel of pedaling on roads and paths surrounded by the stunning beauty of the countryside.


  • Don’t leave any trash along the way
  • Don’t ride on trails not marked or designated for biking.
  • Don’t disturb animals or wildlife you may encounter in forest or woodland trails.
  • Don’t ride drunk