Countryside Rides

4 Best Bike Touring Routes in Europe


French Riviera (Marseille, France to Italy)
Top cycling attractions: Breathtaking beaches, charming resort towns, view of the Alps along the scenic cliff roads, and the awe-inspiring mountains are among the things you will find while cycling through this route.

Provence, France
Top cycling attractions: Beautiful villages, spectacular lavender fields, ancient Roman ruins, and stunning countryside that remain mostly untamed are just some of the top reasons why Provence a great place to explore on a bike.

River Danube (Austria, Germany, Hungary, and Slovakia)
Top cycling attractions: A route that spans across different countries like Austria and Hungary. The ride takes you to places that offer diverse and breathtaking scenery including picturesque villages and quaint towns not to mention the many other landmarks and attractions steeped with history.

Salzburg to Munich (Austria to Germany)
Top cycling attractions: Bavarian Lakes, lush forests, dramatic landscapes, and the history are just some of the fascinating things that make this bike adventure one for the bucket list.