The Similarities of Riding a Bike and Playing Rules of Survival

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Did you know that cycling and playing a video game are similar at some point? Read on and be amazed!


lady-bike-cycle-cyclingIf riding your bicycle exercises your physical body, playing Rules of Survival (which is a video game, obviously) exercises your mind. The former activity lets you to tone your muscles, strengthen your bones, improve your endurance, and go to places you’ve never visited before. The latter allows you to train your reflexes, enhance your hand to eye coordination, improve your problem-solving skills, and let you live in a virtual world that is unlike any place in real life. Both activities are beneficial for the body since they’re both forms of exercise.


rules of survival gameWhether you’re playing Rules of Survival because you’re a professional or just because you want to escape the world, it’s the same with riding a bike. You can be an expert cyclist who’s required to bike or be a bike enthusiast who needs to entertain himself by roaming around town. Both cycling and playing video games can relieve stress and release feel-good hormones. They’re activities that can help you forget about your troubles for the day. They remind you that it’s okay to take a break and relax by diverting your mind from your deadlines, paperwork, etc. With the impressive gameplay of Rules of Survival and the inspiring sceneries one can behold while cycling, who wouldn’t be entertained?


rules of survival

Instead of spending money to pay for your yearly gym fees to strengthen your legs, wouldn’t it be better to purchase a bike? You can even ride a bike to work and lessen air pollution! Furthermore, a decent bike is much affordable compared to a decent treadmill, and you can take your bike out somewhere far to get a beautiful view. Playing Rules of Survival can also save your money. Instead of finding entertainment someplace else where you need to spend real cash, you could stay at home and be entertained wherever you are in the house! If you’re worried about the in-app purchases, don’t worry! You’re living in the digital era where hacks are readily accessible for players! Online hacks can prevent you from spending real money to get those upgrades you want for the game.

Best of Both Worlds

What’s incredible about these activities is that you can do them simultaneously! You can keep your bike in a stationary position, let your legs work, and use your hands to play Rules of Survival! Doing both allows you to get their advantages at the same time. That’s like being in two places at once!