The Coffee Guide for Cyclists

The Coffee Guide for Cyclists

April 26, 2018 Off By brady
About to tour around the city or countryside with your bike? Check out these coffee tips first!

Coffee and Cyclists

cyclistYou may already know that coffee is excellent for cyclists because it keeps them alert and awake. This drink can even enhance your cycling performance! Studies reveal that drinking coffee can help improve training capabilities. According to the British Coffee Association, caffeine (which is the main ingredient of coffee) is a mild central nervous system stimulate the causes the release of adrenaline. And we all know we need adrenaline for energy. Coffee, therefore, is the ideal drink for those who are into endurance sports.

What to Drink and When to Drink It


According to Evan Lawrence, a competitive cyclist, drinking a double espresso coffee drink is perfect before riding. The two shots of espresso can boost the body, supplying enough energy for the ride. If you don’t have an espresso machine yet, then get one from Coffee-Channel. Remember, brewing espresso the right way should be your priority. Don’t think about adding milk to your coffee before you ride; it will only have a terrible effect on your tummy. Stay safe by staying away from dairy before you cycle.

If you’re going to take a break in the middle of your tour, then opt for an Americano with a little bit of sugar and a splash of skimmed milk. Again, don’t add too much milk. This drink will elevate your energy levels without causing any gastric issues from too much heavy liquid.

Finally, after your ride, drink coffee again. This time, opt for milk for recovery. It’s best to drink a café latte or coffee mocha during this time. Use full-fat milk; it has extra calories to help you recover your strength. You’ll also be able to receive essential calcium, fat, and protein.

Coffee Bean

coffee-beansIf you know you have a sensitive stomach, especially when you’re doing sports, then choose coffee beans with low acidity levels.

And that’s it! Happy drinking and cycling!