The Similarities of Gardening and Cycling

The Similarities of Gardening and Cycling

August 10, 2018 Off By brady

Both gardening and cycling have benefits for the physical and mental health. Their advantages are even similar. Check them out below.


goodbye-stressAccording to a Dutch study, gardening for 30 minutes is a much better activity to improve one’s mood compared to reading. Gardeners have lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels compared to the readers in the study. This only shows that gardening activities such as composting, raking leaves, planting, and harvesting can relieve you of stress.

Likewise, regular cycling can also reduce stress and anxiety. It can even help prevent depression. Cycling is a form of exercise, which makes it an effective way to get rid of the negative feelings.

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Low-Impact Exercise

Both gardening and cycling are also considered low-impact workouts. Cycling is a healthy exercise that causes less strain and injuries compared to other forms of exercise. This means anyone of all ages can enjoy cycling. It’s fun, cheap, and beneficial for the environment too!

Gardening is also a low-impact exercise. The activities involved (such as twisting, bending, lifting, and stretching) are already great exercises that make the small muscles work.



Cycling is also an excellent way to decrease air pollution. By riding a bike instead of driving your car, you reduce the harmful fumes that reach the planet’s atmosphere. Opting to cycle is an eco-friendly activity that can aid the earth and also our health.

Gardening is eco-friendly as well. Growing your food the eco-friendly way can lessen your carbon footprint and make the world a better place.

Good for the heart

Cyclist Round Cycling Mountain BikeLastly, gardening and cycling are beneficial for one’s heart. According to a recent study which spent five years looking at the activity of 1,500 individuals, those who cycle daily have 31% less chance to develop high blood pressure. One more reason to grab your bike and hit the road!

Likewise, gardening is also good for your heart. A Stockholm study found that regular gardening decreases heart and stroke attack risk by up to 30% for those who are 60 years old and above. That’s because gardening combats a sedentary lifestyle. It makes you stretch even just for half an hour a day.

So, if you want to stay healthy in mind and body, you better start gardening or cycling (or both)!